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Industrial sheet metalwork

Industrial sheet metalwork

Romaire has specialized in precision industrial sheet metalwork for over 50 years

Major contractors entrust it with making their products.

Industrial sheet metalwork

With its integrated powder and lacquer coating facilities, Romaire is able to produce all your thin-sheet articles, whether in steel, stainless, or aluminium, and to protect them using the appropriate process.

Equipped with the highest-performance machines, assisted by latest-generation software, our staff are able to produce any metal product with faultless quality.

All these services, associated with well-proven flexibility, will enable us to fully meet your precision sheet metalwork requirements.

Your project of Industrial sheet metalwork

Romaire is also able to help you design your projects under the best conditions and to add to them additional services like wiring or plastic injection moulding, for example.

Likewise, right from the earliest outlines, our teams are there to help you optimize the processes and work with you to find the best compromise.

We can also produce your complex equipment from a simple set of specifications, thanks to our prototyping facilities working in direct association with a Project Manager.

All our know-how is brought into play for our customers’ success.