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Romaire Tôlerie et Peinture
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The company Romaire SA

Romaire Industrial sheet-metalwork and painting

Since 1959, Romaire Industrial sheet metalwork and painting has specialized in sheet metal processing and painting and has adapted to the industry's changes and developments.

Romaire: A team completely focused on your satisfaction.

  • The satisfaction of our customers is a central focus, at all times, of each of the company’s employees.

Romaire: An effective ISO 9001 and ISO 14 001 certified organization.

  • Quality is the core of our organization!
  • Special processes, such as welding and painting, are closely monitored in the context of our certification.

Romaire: Constantly upgraded equipment to remain at the cutting edge of innovation

  • CO2 laser cutting, flexible punching cell, NC robotic folding, manual and robotic
  • MIG/TIG welding, spot welding, automatic stud welding and crimping are the main machines enabling Romaire to propose optimum services!
  • Computer-assisted management and real-time input at each work station allow efficient monitoring, and hence precise information provided to our customers at all times.
  • We can propose highly competitive prices thanks to an ambitious annual investment plan!

Our activities

Romaire has successfully adapted its tool to the electricity and money handling markets, as well as to interior fittings for public transport vehicles or covers for fully-assembled generating sets. 

The prototype unit, working closely with a Project Manager, makes it possible to clearly identify the constraints and to propose the right product.

Our markets

Heavy goods vehicles, coaches, buses, cabinets, boxes, gensets, computing, money handling, public works, railways, etc.

Our markets