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Romaire Solutions


With its motivated and performant team focused on customer satisfaction, Romaire can propose often simple, but innovative and more importantly effective solutions.

  • Replacing welded inserts with stamped reinforcements to save time,
  • Replacing steel with high-performance aluminium to save weight,
  • Proposing complete solutions integrating wiring for example (our LabElysées group),
  • Proposing technical or logistical alternatives (e.g.: buffer stock or kanban) at all times,

All of this, along with many other examples, enable Romaire to remain competitive and to support its customers throughout each phase of their project, even once the product is mature.

When Romaire speaks of solutions... this also means

  • Committing to a firm and definitive budget as soon as the initial sketches or specifications. Offering its customers 60 years of metal working experience
  • Assess the best “all inclusive” solution with the customer
  • Propose prototypes and tests (e.g.: saline mist) at highly competitive prices and as rapidly as possible
  • Exchange files in multiple formats
  • Perform benchmarks for customers, allowing us to propose THE most technically and economically interesting solution!
  • Allowing its customers to benefit from its networks of efficient providers, each in its own field: wiring, integration, injection, logistics, screen printing, tube bending, cutting, drawing, surface treatments, etc.
  • Support its customers throughout the development process
  • Dedicate a project team, from draughtsman to workshop technician, via intermediate functions, purchasing and salespersons in particular, who will serve as the project’s preferred interlocutors until completion
  • Facility tours to showcase creations (under the seal of confidentiality if necessary) to demonstrate the company’s capabilities and potential: both human and technical
  • Compare and cost solutions, explain their relative advantages, determine the best-suited solution

Romaire also means working in complete confidence towards your project’s success.